GoodDolphin is a fast growing company with a clear mission to evangelize the Cloud & API story…

Cloud Enablement

  • Cloud Strategy and Roadmap

  • Application Architecture

  • Application Rationalization

  • IT Organization Design

  • IT Operating Model

Computer Sketch

Intelligent Automation

Robotic Automation on Front Office

  • Campaign generated lead qualification 

  • Lead assignment 

  • Dynamic catalog management 

  • Data entry in SFA/ Service Mgmt: Phone interactions, email history, chats, etc. 

  • Bringing customer interactions from other systems into SFA  & Service Mgmt (OM, billing, Service, etc.) 

  • Case management: Case assignment, case processing, case adjudication

Robotic Automation on Back office 

  • Order validation/ approval

  • Invoicing

  • Payroll

  • Time sheet approval

Enterprise Portals

  • Customer Portals

  • Employee Portals

  • Partner Portals

  • Citizen Portals