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Cloud Enablement

GoodDolphin’s Cloud Enablement Services – empower your organization with greater agility and customer responsiveness

Cloud Adoption


Software-as-a-Service has matured to a stage which allows both your systems of record and systems of innovation to operate as SaaS Cloud migration, executed properly, is a smooth transition and a transformation opportunity. 

Key Benefits of Cloud Adoption –


  • Greater Agility – In response to changing customer demands, Cloud allows for faster IT deployment times due to lower capital expenses for companies and its ability to address business capabilities out of the box. This allows both business and IT resources to focus their resources on differentiated services aligned to business top line growth.

  • Lower costs – Although the case for lower costs with cloud adoption requires careful analysis, in general the expenses associated with using cloud services are significantly lower due to lower application development, support and maintenance costs being bundled as part of SaaS subscription costs


It’s no secret that the favored rationale for adopting cloud services is greater agility and responsiveness to your key stakeholders. Within the typical cloud “as-a-service” layers depicted adjacent, GoodDolphin assists organizations with primarily Software-as-a-service and Platform-as-a-service related services.


Our experience shows that transitioning your IT applications and systems to the cloud required in-depth planning and cost/benefit analysis. While the case for greater business agility is clear and evident, as is the shift from Capex to Opex spend, the case for reduced overall Total Cost of Ownership requires careful analysis of your unique business and IT environment.


Focus Areas

Cloud Enablement Services & Methodology


Underlying the paradigm of cloud adoption is the notion of what Gartner terms bi-modal IT, or what has traditionally been known as two-speed IT. As organizations shift their IT investments from systems of record (i.e. ERP systems) to systems of innovation which are customer, partner and employee focused, SaaS and PaaS act as key technology enablers.

We assist clients with traditional cloud services such as Cloud Governance and Security, as well as innovative services such as Cloud Adoption and Cloud Transformation.

As software vendors themselves adopt cloud led business models (a classic example being Adobe’s transformation to cloud offerings for its Creative Cloud), we believe that organizations will soon have no choice but to opt for cloud adoption.

Our Cloud Enablement Services

Cloud Advisory

  • Cloud Strategy 

  • Operating Model Design

    • Vision, Organization, Governance Model, Delivery Methodology, Service Model, People, Technology

  • ROI Analysis and Business Justification

  • Change Management


  • Cloud/ On Premise Landscape Assessment

  • Cloud Roadmap

  • Cloud Optimization Approach

  • Cloud Platform Assessment and Selection

    • SaaS, Paas, IaaS​

  • Cloud Architecture Design

  • Production Roll-out

  • Business Continuity and Scaling

  • Risk management and planning

Cloud Optimization

  • Cloud rationalization/ optimization

  • Center of Excellence

  • Best Practices

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