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Solutions for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industries

GoodDolphin’s Healthcare solutions empower providers, payers and patients

GoodDolphin's Healthcare Solutions


Healthcare industry has been going through several regulatory changes. This means that the Healthcare providers and payers need to ensure that the patient care and patient information is properly handled. Accessing and handling this information can be a matter of life and death!

The biggest IT challenge that the healthcare industry deals with is the disparate systems and applications that hold the patient data (Medical research, healthcare records, financial information, etc.). There is an urgent need to consolidate this data and present it in unified dashboards like Patient Dashboard, Doctor’s Dashboard, Insurance Company’s Dashboard, etc. GoodDolphin’s API based integration and our rich experience in portal technologies like Liferay have enabled us to develop solutions that empower the healthcare industry. GoodDolphin has spent substantial time understanding the unique needs of the healthcare industry and has developed solutions based on open source platforms like Liferay. 

GoodDolphin’s healthcare solutions enable healthcare industry modernization by:

  • Aggregating electronic health records in one single dashboard

  • API based integration that facilitates data integration from disparate sources

  • Providing patient portals to doctors and patients and allowing for collaboration between between physicians, providers and patients.

Solution Focus Areas:


Patient Portal & Telemedicine

Physicians of today need more avenues to communicate with their patients. According to our recent surveys, a physician can save approx. 30% of his daily time by using modern communication means like email, web chat, and targeted websites like patient portals. This in turn ensures physician productivity as well as patient satisfaction. GoodDolphin has experience developing patient portals that lets doctors post medical records, share medical notes and provide online medical advice. New technology can improve patient care through by enabling patient visitation through a secure app anytime, anywhere. The patients can also view their paid/ unpaid claims and pay for any pending dues all within this portal!


Integrated Electronic Health Records

Recent laws mandate that the patient health records be standardized, and made available electronically. However, that poses a huge challenge of integrating disparate systems of record and sources of information. Our open source Electronic Health Record (EHR) Portal and our API expertise ensure that the patient health records are aggregated into one place for easy viewing and archival.


Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials is one area that can have tremendous benefits of Information Technology. Think about hundreds of patients, their experiences with certain drugs, effects and side effects, drug efficacy etc. GoodDolphin has made significant investments in developing API integrated, portal based solutions that bring all this data together and creates meaningful/ actionable information by way of advanced Big Data Analytics.

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