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API Strategy Services

GoodDolphin’s API Strategy Services –  holistic API services for enabling your customer/partner/employee ecosystem

API First

APIs are a strategic asset for your business, a product (service) that advances your business model.........APIs provide a static frame of reference for engaging customers and partners in a constantly evolving business ecosystem...............APIs are the glue of a digital and connected world. As a new business, build APIs first, not websites first.

Key Highlights


  • Build new revenue segments, influence, and product value through an extended ecosystem 

  • Develop, optimize and enhance digitally enabled, multi touchpoint customer experiences to increase adoption rate of services/products

  • Accelerate organization’s ability to deliver innovation and digital operational excellence in the most effective way

  • B2B APIs ensure effective and seamless integration with business partners and other stakeholders


Today's global economy is driven by technology, with new strategic drivers such as Internet of Things (IoT) as well as traditional ones like digitization reinforcing the trend towards a more connected world. API's themselves are not a new concept, but their role becomes ever more critical and central as we head into a customer/partner experience driven model, and digitally enabled ecosystem. 

An outside out perspective drives IT Strategy today, where not just internal stakeholders, but also your external stakeholders and their extended ecosystem has the potential to impact your business performance. In a digitally connected world where your customers have power to follow, analyze and provide feedback on your performance through their mobile devices, listening closely to the voice of your customers is critical.

Why API First?


APIs are strategic technology enablers, allowing your business to fulfill your stakeholders requirements in a scalable manner. This is why GoodDolphin believes strongly in helping enterprises championing an API First perspective.


We recognize that business ecosystems today are constantly in a flux, driven by changing stakeholder needs and rapid advancements in technology. It's not easy to remain focused with purpose on a clear and winning strategy that provides competitive edge to your business. API First  recognizes that in an environment of flux, APIs must be your primary technology enabler for engaging within your ecosystem in a purposeful, strategic and adaptable manner. API First means APIs are your priority technology investment opportunity.

By definition, APIs act as a programmable (thus adaptable and flexible) interface between yourself and your stakeholders, be they internal or external. Due to this simple, powerful and yet flexible and adaptable nature of APIs, API First also recognizes that by investing first in APIs, your technology strategy automatically aligns with your business strategy. This is because when executed properly, GoodDolphin believes that APIs will be a reflection of your business model. The API First principle believes in APIs as not just technology enablers, but also as a strategic asset for your business, a product in itself, and a key propagator of incentives that reflect and support your business model.

Another implication of the API First principle is that in contrast to the traditional model where a business first built a website, the model today is that business should first build their API.

API Value Chain & Service Methodology


From Design to Evangelize, GoodDolphin’s services follow a holistic approach of developing an API strategy that aligns with your business strategy.

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